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2006 Community Service Recognition

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2006 Community Service Recognition
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A commitment to a more diverse workforce is part of Absher’s culture that welcomes participation from our community and continues to establish strong relationships with its members. Founder, Jim Absher was Dedicated and active in our community promoting opportunities for women and minorities in the industry. Absher has a history of encouraging strategic alliance with WBE, MBE and emerging contractors from the community on all our projects. Absher success in utilizing targeted businesses is also found on Absher projects both past and current, in Pierce and King Counties.


One of the most notable unique measures taken by Absher in fostering targeted businesses is on the Red Horse Project, a two-story office building located at Camp Murray. The Project was a team effort between Absher and Straightline Construction, a MBE contractor, acted as the general contractor with Absher providing the management staff and craft labor to provide an innovative and extensive mentoring relationship.

Martin Luther King-Housing Development Association

Martin Luther King Housing proposes 13 projects within the pipeline and estimates that a minimum of 1,432 permanent jobs will be created based on prospective leased commercial/retail space. This is calculated as a function of 358,000 sq. ft. of new commercial/retail space and the estimate that four new permanent full-time positions will be created for every 1,000 sq. ft. developed. The community development impact of the infusion of 1,432 permanent jobs at the area median income level of $43,500 represents approximately $9.6 million new annual income to Tacoma.


Projections for the creation of pre-development and construction jobs is estimated to be 130 which is based on a formula derived from the Means Publication, a national construction cost estimating program internationally recognized in the industry. While construction related jobs are not considered permanent, MLKHDA seeks to take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with existing apprenticeship programs sponsored by the local trade unions to educate and train our minority workforce that historically has been overlooked by organized labor.

A. Phillip Randolph Institute - Tacoma Washington Chapter