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2012 Summer School Scholarship

Application Instructions

Applications are now being accepted for the APRI Summer School Scholarship.   At least twenty five (25), scholarships will be awarded to high school students’ grade 9th, 10th and 11th, enrolled in a Tacoma High School.  These annual scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to high school students who need a summer school class to graduate.

A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) is a national organization with affiliates throughout the United States.  The Tacoma Chapter of APRI is a non-profit community minded organization, actively involved in helping provide assistance to economically disadvantaged seniors, youth, unemployed and others in need.

We offer voter education and registration on a year-round basis.  Our voter education consists of community programs designed to educate the public on political issues and candidates. However, we do not endorse candidates or issues. In addition, we promote job fairs to provide employment opportunities, have a Youth Chapter for students and young adults, and host an annual Pastors Breakfast as outreach to the faith-based community.

Membership is open to any individual who is interested in supporting the objectives and goals of the A. Philip Randolph, Tacoma Chapter. Meetings are held at the IBEW HALL, 3049 South 36th Street, Tacoma, Washington. Meeting time is 6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month.


      Must be a high school freshmen, sophomore or junior and currently enrolled in a Tacoma high school.    

      Must need a summer school credit to graduate with peers.

      The APRI Summer School Scholarship will be paid directly to the school district where the student is registered to attend summer school.

      Scholarships must be used summer 2012 or funds will be forfeited.


1.        Part 1: Personal Data of the application is to be completed by student. Part 1 must be neatly printed and signed.

2.        Part 2: Personal Statement is also completed by the student. Part 2 must be typewritten on a separate page and attached.

3.        Part 3: is to be written by a high school teacher, Counselor, Career Center Coordinator, Career & Technical Education teacher, advisor or administrator and signed. Please include a letter of endorsement. 

4.        Part 4: Submit a copy of your free lunch voucher, if applicable and the class you wish to take. (May be obtained from your school).

5.        Attach the following to the completed application:

a.     Copy of high school transcript:  unofficial copy acceptable.

b.     Resume is highly recommended. Each recipient will be subject to additional APRI requirements.      

3049 South 36th Street, Suite 201
Tacoma, WA
.  98409       


For more information call:  (253) 473-3810 or (360) 981-8114


Or visit our website for additional applications:


Applications must be received by the APRI Office by 5:00 p.m. May 21, 2012

After reading the instrustions above, please click below to download the application. Thank you and good luck.

A. Phillip Randolph Institute - Tacoma Washington Chapter