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Welcome to the A.P.R.I Tacoma Chapter

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Grover C. Johnson - President of APRI Tacoma Chapter

The year 2003 introduced a new non-profit chapter of A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) to the city of Tacoma. Creating not only unity in our communities, we also take pride and commitment in creating a better America. Mr. Randolph is best know for his successful efforts in organizing the Sleeping Car Porters from 1925-1937. Our values and principles include a commitment to support and provide, not limited to:


  • The labor movement’s ongoing struggle for economic justice
  • Civil rights, strong anti-discrimination measures, affirmative action, and workplace diversity
  • Decent minimum living standards for all, including a fair minimum wage
  • Voters education, voters registration, and get out to vote programs to boost the political impact of Black voters participation

Join us in our fight to make a difference in our African American communities. Your participation means APRI, the labor movement and black Americans will continue the fight for equality, economic, and social justice, You’ll get involved in the push for pro-worker and pro-black legislation – such as a fair minimum wage, equality, and the struggle for free trade unions and human rights at home and abroad. With APRI, YOU CAN and WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our community!


Meeting Location:


IBEW HALL, 3049 36th Street South, Tacoma, WA. 98409

Third (3rd) Thursday of every month

Time-6:00 PM

A. Phillip Randolph Institute - Tacoma Washington Chapter