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APRI Education Award Recipients
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For the past 28 years John Pope has been working in education with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. He has served in many capacities, and continues

to focus to address the disparity of achievement and promote the success and

empowerment of our youth and seeking institutional change through family and

community involvement. He is currently involved with MESA

( Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) on the State and Tacoma Puget Sound

Program for 11 years, He mentors weekly as a Lunch Buddy at Madison Elementary

for 10 years, works with the Institute for Community Leadership, works with Native American Youth Leadership, promoting the community involvement with the Boys and

Girls Club, local ministries and community based organizations, produces and

co-hosts Education for ALL, a monthly radio show involving youth and community and educators to voice their educational experiences and available services, work in

conjunction with community advocates and the school district, courts and enforcement agencies to address Through the recent department of Community Outreach he has conducted many workshops, forums and presentations to inform the community,

parents and students the information related to Education reform, Achievement, their

rights and responsibilities, as well as cultural competency and racial and economic prejudices and bias through institute practices to K-12 and Higher Education

personnel. He has been an organizer and facilitator to the Multi Ethnic Think Tank

and continues to assist addressing the racial and cultural barriers students and

families face in education




Tom Hilyard civic and community interests include a deep commitment to

building communities which translates into a commitment to insuring high

quality public education and high academic achievement for African American

Students. It is this commitment which has engendered his service as chair of the

Education Committee for the Tacoma Pierce County Black Collective since 1984; He

 also serves on the NAACP Tacoma Branch Executive Committee and second

Vice President over the past ten years. In addition, over the past two years he

 served as a member of the Planning Committee which brought to the University

ofPuget Sound the National Conference on Race and Pedagogy, which open a

major conversation regarding race and education. 





Rev. Dr. Arthur C. Banks works in the area of education in several capacities. 

He serves as Chairman of the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance’s Education

Committee, which encompass their Scholarship Fund.  He coordinated several

of the Education Summits, which brings together the Faith community, parents,

and community resources to share their expertise to help our youth have a

positive education experience.  He serves as Chairman of the Dr. E. S. Brazill

Scholarship Fund for the Ebenezer Baptist District Association.  Un

der the direction of Pastor Banks, the Eastside Baptist Church provides a

Summer Enhancement Program designed to keep or advance students at grade

level over the summer. 


A. Phillip Randolph Institute - Tacoma Washington Chapter